Pocket Profile - Sose Fuamoli


Ticketmaster got the jump on the announcement of Play On Radio, with Gemma doing a little interview with Sian Johnson.

2019 looks like we’re in for a big year for music. What are you excited about working on this year?

Right now (yes, literally right now) I am launching a new online radio station called Play On Radio – focused on discussion of footy & music. I’ve been working on this for a fair while, and it’s born out of my love for the two, and frustration at the imbalanced coverage of footy (particularly the women’s game) in the media right now. It will feature a number of current podcasts as shows – including my own Australian Jams – as well as new shows from a diverse range of presenters, and music playlisting from myself and the brilliant Sosefina Fuamoli.

Read the whole Q&A here.